We're a small team of top talent partnering with the leadership of global brands who also believe that a company's most powerful asset is its employees. We work closely with clients to help them strategically, creatively, efficiently and effectively achieve their goals. Check out our core team - you will always have a leadership team member on your account.

Focused on internal communications her entire career - 25 years and counting.

Started as an intern at Georgia-Pacific and worked at UPS for eight years. Both GP and UPS are Spark clients - that says a lot about longevity!


Founded Spark in 2011 to continue focus on internal communications and partner with like-minded clients who believe employees are an organization's most powerful asset.


Met husband at UGA. Go Dawgs! Lives in Stone Mountain with her husband and two sons, two dogs, three cats, a rabbit, a snake and a bearded dragon.


Jen Bull


Is an expert in taking the essence of a brand and culture and expressing it for all employees. 

Brilliant with illustrations, photography, animation and all things that engage and inspire. 

Clients love her work - and peaceful personality!

Lives in Alpharetta with her sister, nephew, best friend and four ferrets!

Creative Director

Raven Scott

Cat Kelly.jpg

She writes for a living - but the important thing is she LOVES it.


Writing engaging headlines is something she takes pride in.


Is the perfect mix of creative spirit and business sense.


Lives in Florida with her family.

Strategic Writer

Cat Kelly


Before Spark, Kate led teams to make life better for people living with diabetes. 

Our clients love her because she turns spreadsheets into create messaging that engages employees. 


She lives in Atlanta with her husband Billy and their three boys and one daughter.


She's also the sister-in-law and best friend of CEO Jen Bull.

Strategic Writer

Kate Wolfe

Shayna is our behind-the-scenes jack of all trades. 


She is our sometimes proofer, editor, project coordinator...depending on what's needed that day. 


Shayna has an eye for fashion and has trained to be a hair stylist, so she can give a great haircut, if needed.

Office Manager

Shana Patel

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