It Takes All Employees to Make Transformation a Success

Updated: Jan 29

How many transformation projects are being implemented at your organization?

According to Gartner, a global research firm, a typical organization has undergone five major company-wide transformations over the past three years.

Does that sound about right? The world is changing so fast, and this pace of change will only increase. As communicators, the value we offer is also rapidly increasing. The nature of our work requires us to put ourselves into employees' shoes and view change through many lenses. What the sales team views as a valuable change can be seen as negative by operations, and what's a clear benefit to the C-level might be considered as detrimental by their immediate teams. This results in mixed messages about priorities – and a prime opportunity to showcase your communications expertise.

McKinsey & Company, a worldwide management consulting firm, found that 75 percent of transformation projects fail due to employee or manager resistance.

Companies that are able to transform well gain a significant competitive advantage, but successful transformations require the full engagement of employees across all levels. An organization can have the best financials, infrastructure, processes and technology, but if employees aren't engaged, then it will not realize the full value of the transformation investment being made.

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