Want to Put a Smile on Employees’ Faces? Help Them Take Action to Make Company Goals a Reality.

Making progress in meaningful work. It is a key to engaging employees and something that we all want to feel we are doing. So why don’t employees feel this way? It could be that organizations aren’t working together to accomplish their goals, success isn’t shared and celebrated with employees, or employees don’t understand why their work is meaningful. Communicators play an increasingly critical role in bridging these gaps, especially in a world getting more complex by the second. Communicators have to be asking the right questions of leadership while also engaging employees with the right messages, cadence and tone. Spark partners with our clients to help ensure their employees are engaged, whether they sit in an office, are on the manufacturing floor or work remotely.

Take a look at our flipbook to learn about our approach, interesting facts and three questions every communicator should ask their leadership.

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