Updated: Jan 29

As change occurs in organizations, how management communicates and trains employees about the constant flow of changes can be tricky. There are many factors to consider, including type of training, who's receiving it, mindset coming into the training, different time zones and various technologies. Having a plan in place that takes into account all of these factors increases the likelihood that the training will be effective and lays the groundwork for future training successes. We have some simple tips that managers can use to help get organized as they plan for and create trainings in their organizations.

1) Provide Context: Invite participants with a letter that explains why

2) Engage Early: Give pre-work to get employees thinking before training

3) Be Interactive: Develop training that has lots of two-way communication

4) Keep It Simple: Make the most of participants’ time with content that is relevant

5) Encourage Networking: Schedule time for participants to build relationships

6) Make it Actionable: Have participants create an action plan for moving forward

7) Keep the Momentum Going: Create a channel for feedback and questions post training

For a reference, download these tips in Spark's Tools section on our website. And, be sure to let us know what best practices are working for you in your organization.

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