Updated: Jan 29

Is it enough for your employees to be engaged? Why stop there when you can create a workforce that is truly inspired? As we have seen with our clients, inspired employees in turn inspire their company's customers, leading them to be healthy, to be financially well, to think sustainably and to show hospitality in all things.

According to Eric Garton and Michael C. Mankins, an inspired workforce is where employees not only feel that they understand the vision and how they fit in, they also are inspired by it daily and are actively going above and beyond to move themselves and the organization forward.These employees say they are deeply inspired by their leadership; a connection established when leadership takes the time to share progress towards the vision and say thank you.

Sharing the vision and connecting with leadership sets the foundation for inspired employees, but to grow and sustain an inspired workforce, exponentially, you need to promote their growth and that of the organization.

Empower employees today in these three key areas to lead to higher levels of engagement and inspiration.

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