Updated: Jan 29

Research shows that meditating, power posing and practicing gratitude can improve the quality of your workday and help you be more confident, at ease, patient and understanding of yourself and your coworkers. This means you can be happier and be in the mindset to be a better business partner to your team members. So give these a try - if you do all of them, it could take as little as five minutes each day, but the ripple effects will go much farther.

Try minute-long meditations. You can do this at your desk at work, if you can't find a quiet place. Face away from the entrance to your office, close your eyes, and breathe slowly in and out for one minute several times a day. Small focused breaks add up. Some of the folks at Google start meetings with a mental pause such as this to clear their minds. Other companies hold global webinars to introduce employees to mindfulness through meditation so that they are at peace with their emotions as they interact with others throughout the day.

Strike a power pose. Take two minutes to build your confidence before your next big meeting. Find a quiet place and do a Victory pose with your arms over your head or a Wonder Woman pose with your hands on your hips. According to studies, this raises testosterone 25 percent and reduces the stress hormone cortisol 20 percent. When in meetings, avoid touching your neck or face, huddling forward or crossing your feet tightly at the ankles; all of these poses send others the message that you're not confident or at ease. Instead, try to sit back comfortably, feet flat on the floor with your arms relaxed.

Take time to say thanks: Pick someone in your network every morning to thank for something big or small that has made a difference to you or the business. It feels good to say thanks, people appreciate being recognized, and people tend to pay forward the goodwill you've helped to create. Another way to practice gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal where you jot down things you’re happy about throughout the day. (This could be on a post-it note in your drawer at your desk.) Reflecting back through its pages can be fun at the end of the month.

Please let us know if you have any techniques you use throughout the day to keep things in perspective.

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