Updated: Jan 29

Want to get your front line and your C-suite thinking up ideas together? Want to engage people across oceans, in different time zones and in different roles? Front line employees and leaders know different aspects of the business so it's critical to give them all a voice in the problem-solving process. Shared input not only leads to profitable business ideas; it also identifies and removes hurdles to operating smoothly. Our clients and benchmarking partners are currently looking at and engaging with a variety of social collaboration tools, so we thought it might be good to share some of their insight and picks for social collaboration tools.

"MindJet is awesome. We have tons of people participating and we've gotten some really great ideas. We are going to move to BrightIdea in the future because they have a mobile app." - senior project manager at a global manufacturing company

"We are using IBM Connections. We've had incredible success by having structured events that you have people sign up for and then brainstorm a specific problem during the event. We have leadership and front line people sharing ideas and adding to other people's ideas. We are implementing dozens of ideas that have come to light. The ideas range from simple to complicated, and the company is putting the resources towards implementing them because they are viable ideas." - senior project manager at a global transportation company

"IdeaString has resulted in ideas that have made our company millions of dollars. We use it to connect our leadership across the country to develop solutions to our customers' problems and to create new products. The important thing to know is you've got to have timed events to get people actively engaged. If you expect people to log on day to day, that's not realistic. That's for any collaboration technology." - senior project manager at a global manufacturing company

"I think people go about it all wrong. You should figure out how your group needs to collaborate and then go pick out a tool that does that. You don't need to adjust the style and process that works for your team to a tool. Almost every day, we video chat. We instant message a lot. Using Jira to identify and organize issues bring an additional incentive to collaborate that goes beyond Confluence." - senior project manager for a global health care organization

Clearly there isn't a one-size fits all solution for enterprise collaboration. With the myriad of options, it's important to understand what your business needs are and then choose a tool with features that align with your goals. Here a few other sites work checking out: - MangoApps - Exoplatform - Bitrix - Huddle

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