Updated: Jan 29

I talked with a wide range of people who work at Best Places to Work For, Fortune 100 and other well-known brands to find out what employees look for in a culture. The following qualities were voiced as desired attributes by employees at multiple levels, functions and with different types of responsibilities:

Trust - Your manager and co-workers look out for you. You don't have to be afraid to ask questions or speak up. This creates transparency and a collaborative spirit.

Freedom - You are free to be creative. You work autonomously towards company goals. This creates a culture of innovation and a bright future.

Humor - You come to work expecting to laugh and smile. You like your boss and co-workers.

Laughter - happiness, which creates loyalty and improved employee retention.

Intelligence - You work with smart people. You play to your strengths. You focus on things that add value. This value delights customers.

Kindness - You are expected to be kind, and so is everyone around you. This means that people are not distracted at work by rude co-workers or bosses.

Vision - You know how your role fits into the company. You are excited to build the future. This means you are going to make a meaningful difference in building a bright future for you, the company and customers.

Aside from being qualities employees want in a culture - what else do these things have in common? The answer is that they're also great for business. What attributes would you add to the list?